Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Alpha Male Vs Beta Male

The alpha male versus the beta male debate is one that has been going on for a long time. Do women like male qualities which tend to be more nurturing or do they go for the dominate tendencies and more direct communication. Through this article I will try to go over the pros and cons of each. This is something you can benefit from either way so check it out.

First off we can say something positive for the beta males, they do tend to more kind and caring and better listeners but the thing that makes them the way they are is simply doing too much of all that. The confident male can be kind and caring but does not drown a women in attention. This is what makes this male more attractive to women than the other. Anywhere you go it is not hard to spot the dominate confident male compared to the insecure not confident one. The weaker guy is consumed with pleasing the women there with and seeking their approval. The dominate does not seek approval from their women friends because they know that Being Yourself is the most mature thing to do,

What makes the alpha male unattractive is the same types of things that can make him unapproachable to the average male, things like being the classic douche who is way to loud and trying to draw attention to himself and being a huge pain to everyone around him. The problem with this is that this guy is not the true confident male because they are too confident in themselves to have to draw attention by being loud and putting down those around him. Think of the them more as the CEO type who is quiet and confident who seems to be able to show no negative emotions such as anger or sadness. You have to realize that these little feelings that make you mad or upset are beta qualities. Don't get caught up on anything stupid like obstacles in your way, just know what you have to do and get it done.

There is a big difference in the two types of men, but they are all easy fixes that you can change easy. In reality the women wants the confident dominate guy, because he shows the classic signs of being self sustained, she knows if things go south that he is going to be able to provide and not just moan and complain about how bad things are. Think of this guy as the caveman in a simple form, he can provide for the women and protect her, these are things dating back thousands of years and they have not changed today. Show her you know what you are doing and can provide for her and protect her and you will be on the right track to becoming an alpha male.


1.Beat males have positive traits and qualities but it backfires on them because they do it too much what makes them unattractive.

2.Alpha males are two kinds the real type and the Fake Alpha Males the insecure males that trying hard to be someone else "Look At Me im Better Than You " Mindset.

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