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Being an Alpha male is being the center of attention. The king of the Asphalt Jungle. The guy that all the girls love. The first thing you need to do is know the signs of the Alpha. Read this article to find out five things that can make you an Alpha male.

You may wonder, "why would I want to be an Alpha Male?"

Some people think of the Alpha Male a knuckle dragging, testosterone filled, 'roid raging bully. Perhaps 500 years ago when a man was a leader purely by the strength of his arms this may have been true. But that is not even close to what being an alpha male is about today.

Like all the characters John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Will Smith have played. Wayne, Eastwood and Smith almost always play alpha males of one sort or another. Whatever the other strengths and faults of their characters, he guy they play always walks into the room and is the natural leader. He is positive, articulate, successful, both admired and desired. He is the central figure of every situation he finds himself in. Of course this character could pick and choose from the women around him, if he so desires. He is the alpha male, after all.

What is an Alpha Male? Here are a list  of the important characteristics of an Alpha Male.

1-The alpha male is very positive and Motivated and he has dreams.

2-The leader of a pack he leads people and help them "natural-born leader".
3-The center of attention his body language make others notice him.
4-dominant male he has authority .
5-hit on all of the women beta males want and makes you hate him.
6-alpha male is Like a lion, he will often be the strongest.
7-he has more money than you and fucks the hottest girls ever.
8-he takes actions  and make things happen.
9-Rock stars, famous actors like Alpacino. A powerful business executives are alpha males.
10- the dominant person in a relationship.
11-always in best position in games he plays.
12-alpha males having all sex, while Beta males sit on the side lines watch this happen.
13-Self-focused but not selfish  and if you ask for help he will help you.
14-he is properly groomed, his elegance make other women attracted to him.
15-Not afraid of the unexpected or unknown , he knows he can handle any situation. Fights for what is his.
16- He is always himself and does not really care how people think of him .
17-get what he wants in this life.
18-the alpha male is self disciplined and a hard worker.
19-good storyteller .
20-he is the man all women wants.
21-he is the one you want to be.
22-not  too serious he is very funny.
23-Surround himself with the Best People .
24-Strong physicall than other men. 
25-doesn’t try to be an alpha male he is real not fake.
26-true alpha male doesn’t need approval from other people.
27-walk slowly talk slowly he is in control.
28-the alpha male makes people feel comfortable and welcome.
29-the alpha male dates more than one woman at a time.
30-Women find him as  a challenge they compete to gain his attention.
31-Never explains anything to anyone.
32-He has his own world.
33-Takes his sweet time talking.
34-Has the capacity to carry out contacts and doings in control
35-Is never impressed.
36-Has limited contact with beta guys
37-Has a sarcastic and twisted sense of humor
38-Doesn't care.
39-Gets recognition all the time.
40-Is comfortable in his own skin.

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