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You've probably read something about being an Alpha male by now. And you probably met some real Alpha males in your daily life. You read and saw they are confident leaders, strong physically and mentally, fearless, and they always have the best females. Likely, you are most interested in the last :) .

Before we start with some Alpha male traits, I'll give you an advice, hoping that you won't make the same mistake that I did. When I for a first time saw an Alpha male, I wanted to be just like he. He had strong body language, fearless outlook, amazing confidence and, a lot of gorgeous females around him. I want to be him. So, I start to act like him, to pretend to be one Alpha male. And guess what happened? I looked ridiculously .

I started to use body language, which wasn't suitable for my personality. Having aggressive outlook got me in a few fights, and being arrogant and too cocky, I lost a lot of friends. I become a jerk. However, not a jerk that is successful with chicks. Just a lonely fool.

When I touched a bottom, I realize that something must be changed. Next few months I spend observing some real Alphas. They let me in their world and taught me how to be a real man. So, here is the top secret about being an Alpha male: becoming an Alpha male is the long process. You can't pretend to be one, you need to become one. Don't try just to take some Alpha male traits, instead develop your personality who will have those traits naturally. So, what you can do to become the more successful person? Here are things that I have done:

Start with listening to some motivation programs. There are a lot of great programs on the Internet. Listen it while you're in car, when you woke up or before sleeping. You should every day learn something new.

- Knowledge is a power. Don't ever forget that.
- Build your body. Go to the gym, start with some martial art or do it both.
- Pay attention to nutrition. You are what you eat.
- Start making new friends. Try every day to meet somebody new, male of female, it doesn't matter.
- Have high goals in life. Your life is like a ship, and you are the captain. Take that ship to the most amazing places on the Earth.
- Respect yourself. You are the most important person in your life. This is most important thing to know.

And there are lots of other things you can do. Especially when it comes about females. But, I'm going to left that for another time. Every of them are going to develop you in one healthy, strong person. One day, you will wake up and realize that you are become an Alpha male. And that is the day when you're going to realize the beautiful females are just by-product of successful life.

You can Be an alpha male but ,This improvement will not happen quickly so you need to be committed and stay focus as this is no simple makeover.

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