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Be An Alpha Male - Don't Make These Beta Male Dating Mistakes

Women are naturally and forcefully attracted to men who act like REAL MEN, and don't display wussy beta-male behaviors. Are you an alpha man who has what it takes to date desirable women, or are you still making these tragic mistakes?
When I was a younger man, I made one mistake after another when I was trying to meet and date girls. I just couldn't figure out what the heck girls wanted from me... Did they want me to be a "nice-guy" who brings flowers or some kind of dashing alpha-male "bad-boy?" I just couldn't figure it out for the life of me!
Well, after years of seeking the answers, I've finally discovered exactly what you SHOULDN'T do, if you want to be popular with chicks... Here's the short list:

1) Don't let her run things. This mistake will make a girl lose interest in you quick! No woman that you want to date wants to be in charge of what you do when you hang out, what you talk about, or whether you get physical. It's the mans role to take the lead, so be a man and take it.

2) Don't follow her around like a lost puppy. Women like it when you give them attention, but don't overdo it. Calling multiple times a day, showing up to see her uninvited, and staring at her lovingly every time you see her, is going to give her an icky feeling. Alpha-males have there own stuff going on and don't smother women with constant company.

3) Don't buy her stuff. Spending money on a girl is a sure way to show her that you don't get it.
Yeah you can buy her a beer or two, or even pick up the tab for some grub, but don't pop any Cristal, at least until your first anniversary.

4) Don't push to be exclusive. Rushing to be her boyfriend is a real bad idea. I know you are in love with her or whatever, but you've got to tread gently here. Letting a woman know that you want to be exclusive, puts her in the power position. Just wait, if she wants to be exclusive, she'll bring it up and then you can play with her a little bit. If you say you need to think about it and tease her a little first it will be all the more exciting for her when you finally agree to be her boyfriend.
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Dating Tips for Guys - How to Make a Woman See You As An Alpha Male

1. You have to be willing to lay your ego at risk of getting rejected.

If you learn any one thing to come across like an alpha male, it is this. Guys that are skittish around women because they fear rejection will NEVER be seen as an alpha male, no matter how hard that they try. This is the one element that will really set you apart from the other guys and make it readily apparent that you are a true alpha male. It's not about muscles, because I have met some guys that spend a ton of time in the gym, and yet, when they get around a woman, they act like a wimp and they end up getting passed over.

2. You have to be able to make her feel secure around you in more ways than one.

When I say that you need to make her feel secure, most guys will think about the ability to physically protect her. Well, that is not the only thing that you need to focus on. Especially in today's day and age, it's not nearly as necessary to protect her physically, as it is to protect her social reputation, and her emotions. Being able to let her know that you are not the kind of guy to kiss and tell, and you are not the kind of guy to let her emotions get the best of her will signal that you are a TRUE alpha male.

3. To put her over the top and know that you really are the alpha male she has been searching for, you have to be a guy that is going places.

Look, you don't have to be reaching for your spot on the Forbes 500 list, you don't have to be striving to have the next platinum CD, and you don't have to be vying for the next Hollywood blockbuster to be going places. You just cannot be the guy that sits at home in his apartment playing video games and drinking beers and think that she is going to see you as a true alpha male.
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Alph Male Dating Tips

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