How To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life

How To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life

Who doesn’t want to learn to maintain a healthy sex life? Just about every couple on the planet would love to enjoy the kind of fiery, passionate lovemaking displayed in romantic movies, but after years of marriage and kids are added to the mix, it can take some work.

Try these unusual, lesser-known tips to get that bed shooting fireworks again.

    Believe in sponge baths. They are sexy, relaxing, unique and a little naughty. And let’s face it, sometimes you or your husband might want a little “special attention” but don’t feel like getting out of bed to bathe.

    Bring on the secret box under the bed. Keep it fun and filled with the things you guys like to use as an emergency sex life reviver. That may mean toys and edible chocolate sauces for some while others are good to go with a bottle of wine and a copy of The Lover.

    Join a boot camp and do some squats. Not only will you gain amazing leg strength that will help you both perform better, but you may transform your bodies and renew your fever for one another.
    Try the yoga tree pose. This stance has long been credited with bringing blood flow to the genital area and helping with sex.

    Eat your veggies. The carotenoids can help boost sex-booming testosterone, so says an article on the EDU Libs website.
    Keep talking about sex. Just because fellatio was off the table years ago, tastes may have changed as time goes by, suggests Men’s Health.

    Communicate about non-sexual topics. Emotional connections can have a big effect upon romantic relations. Clearing the air about bills, past hurts or other ills lingering in the air can pave the way for you to get lucky.

    Lose that belly. Getting rid of a beer gut can boost testosterone and help penis length seemingly increase by one inch for every 35 pounds lost, so says Dr. Oz.

    Touch and hug. Even if cuddling doesn’t initially lead to sex, Web MD says that touching and hugging can release the kind of feel-good hormones that may make you want to engage in some body-rocking fun.

    Talk about what you ate for lunch. It sounds odd, but keeping in touch over the little things can make a couple feel closer, which can turn into “sexy time” by dinner.

    Do something thrilling together. Go zip lining or check out the new “Tilt” exhibit at the top of the John Hancock Building in Chicago. Performing tasks that make your hearts race together bonds you in ways that make you both want to hit the sack, and I don’t mean sleeping.

    Get away and get a little jealous. Don’t hit up one of those adultery websites, but feel free to go on a mini-vacation without your spouse, or even on a girls’ or boys’ night out that makes your partner miss you and realize your attractiveness. Absence makes the heart – and loins – grow fonder.

    Switch meds. There are times when an unhealthy sex life happens due to medication that dull the desire for sex. Ask your doctor for effective substitutes.

    Break up. Let’s face it: Certain times the reason for a lacking sex life is because someone is getting it somewhere else. Confront the problem and separate if need be.

    Make up. Yes, sex after disagreements can be some of the hottest around. As long as you’ve resolved your problems and can ensure your health isn’t being compromised by a cheating partner, getting back together can be a great key to a renewed sexual life.

    Get counseling. Some sexual issues and barriers are deeper than what can be covered in a quick tips list. Enlist the help of a quality therapist to help you both move forward.

    Have sex every day. Many might remember the challenge whereby married couples like this one had sex each day for 30 days. A challenge like that might spark a turnaround to a relationship.

    Don’t arouse or awaken love until it’s time. On the other hand, other duos might find the everyday thing taxing and tiring. That’s when the proverbial wisdom for a woman to wait until her hubby approaches her for sex wins out.

    Have dinner and wine. Both men and women agree the combination is a great aphrodisiac.

    Keep your eyes open. While shutting your lids during sex is a natural response, it can make it easier to drift off into fantasy land and think of other people. Open those peepers to keep the focus on your mate.

    Laugh together. The couple that plays together, tends to stay together and get more action.

    Focus on the good. Nagging and fault-finding aren’t ingredients for good foreplay. Speaking sweetly to each other and magnifying the great qualities go a long way towards creating warm fuzzies.

    Fire up Google Calendar. We schedule everything else, why not sex?
    Cure depression. Easier written than done, yes. However, depression is pegged as one of the number one killers of a healthy sex drive, along with thyroid issues, hormone levels, low testosterone, etc.

    Change your mind. Sex is important to a marriage. It’s not dirty, unnecessary or a chore. Do away with old notions you may have learned growing up and go forth, be fruitful and multiply those multiple orgasms.
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