The Greatest Leaders of All Time

The Greatest Leaders of All Time
The Greatest Leaders of All Time

Leaders are those people that have specific qualities within them. These people are one the special ones. These special people are called Leaders because they possess abilities to lead a nation and the people. Leaders are so influential that every person in the world salutes them.

The list below shows the top 10 greatest leaders / Politicians of all time. The list contains the names of those powerful and great people who had made tremendous achievements and helped their country or nation in a way no one else could. That is why these names are include in the list of 10 greatest world leaders of all time.

 Greatest Leaders

Franklin Roosevelt held the post of the President of the US during the period known to us as The Great Depression. Roosevelt was confirmed that he had polio at the age of 29 and that paralyzed of both his legs but still he fought polio and successfully became President in 1933. He is the first ever President to be elected four times until his death. He led his fellow Americans to World War II and made America rise to power. His political knowledge allowed him to be featured in the list of the top 10 Greatest Leaders of all time.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was a leader in the French military and he is the one person who rose to power after the Great French Revolution in which he was responsible to overthrow the Monarchy. His great knowledge of fighting allowed his small army to triumph against the big armies of the enemies. The Napoleonic Code of Legal Reforms was introduced in the democracy by him and is still applied in some places. His military leadership and the ability to care for the need of every common man have earned him the 9th spot in the list.

    George Washington

George Washington is best known as the Founder of the USA. He was the powerhouse behind the American Revolution and is known as the First President of the US after its independence. He believed that America had the ability to become one of the great superpowers in the world. His steadfastness, tenacity, his ability to make difficult decisions made him a great leader.

    Adolf Hitler

Hitler is considered to the most ruthless leader of the world but he should be considered as one of the world greatest leaders. Although he was disliked due to his strict measures but his leadership and military skill are only matched by few people in the world. He became the German chancellor in 1933, and led the Germans through the Great War. Meticulous planning, strategizing and propaganda by Hitler have in some way, shaped the power politics of the world.

    Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong is the one who led the Chinese Revolution and founded the People’s Republic of China and he is the one who overthrew the Nationalists that controlled China at that time. He withheld the Japanese invasion. He is considered the mind behind the sudden burst to success for China that allowed the nation to become a superpower. His principles of governance and ideologies and economics are now known as Maoism. He is the 6th greatest history leader of all time.

    Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is best known for signing the Emancipation Proclamation therefore ending slavery in the US. He being the 16th president of the USA was determined to lead the US people to the right way. He also led the civil war in the US. His work is considered to be very important for the people of America as if it was not for him, America would have been a very small country instead of a larger country. His humility, oratory skills and conviction make him the 5th greatest leader in the list.

    Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther believed that is could make the US a better place. Martin Luther King was an activist of USA as well as the leader of the civil rights movement. He is best remembered for his non-violent protest for the civil rights that started hi civil rights movement. He fought for racial equality and emphasized that every man and women should be treated as equal and should not discriminate each other. He won The Nobel Peace Prize for campaign of bringing peace and establishing unity across all of America.

    Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi led India against the horrifying rule of the British from Britain. He fought silently and protest against the Britishers by the use of non-violence. He believed that to achieve independence, a non-violent movement should take place in order to protect everyone from harm. Boycotts of foreign goods and Civil disobedience movements etc showed that he was resisting the British rule. After the departure of the British, Gandhi became the main face of the Indian nation.

    Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the first ever President of South Africa that was elected by the use of democratic elections. He was the face and the leader of the Anti- Apartheid movement. Just like Martin Luther, he fought against racism. He served a long prison sentence for his actions but it did not falter him. His focus, determination and will-power were so great that after serving almost 30 years in solitary confinement, he got out and worked for the needs of the people of South Africa.

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is considered to be the most influential and greatest leader of all time. That is why he comes at the number 1 spot in the top 10 greatest leaders of all time. Jinnah was a politician of the sub-continent who successfully campaigned for Pakistan. He is known there as ‘Quaid-I Azam’ for his tremendous amount of work for establishing Pakistan. Today, Jinnah is famous for changing the lives of Muslims in the sub-continent. If it was not for him, Muslims would not have gotten Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah contributed more than any other man to ensure the survival of Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah claims the top spot in the list of the top 10 greatest leaders of all time.
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