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What exactly makes the mentality of an alpha male different from others? Why is the mentality of an alpha male important when considering meeting women? And what exactly is the alpha male mentality?

To answer these questions we have to take a look at the different characteristics of an alpha male and what define his mentality. But before we go and do that, let's quickly clear up a misconception first.
Whenever there is talk about the mentality of an alpha male, some people think that he is a guy who asserts his dominance over others by being the loudest and most aggressive person in the group - someone who constantly needs to be in the center of attention to feel validated. A guy who is so desperate for attention he would do anything to stand out, even if it means getting into fights with others.

However, the guy who we just described is in no way an alpha. He is commonly referred to as a jerk. The reason why people might confuse them is that the jerk has some characteristics (what women find irresistible) of an alpha male. He is confident and unpredictable (a huge turn-on for women) but lacks maturity and is usually too self-centered to be referred to as an alpha.
In comparison to the alpha male, he is just an immature boy, who has to put other people down to feed his own massive ego. So the next time you meet a jerk, don't rush to label him as an alpha male.
But let's take a look now at the alpha male mentality. Here are the main characteristics that define
an alpha:


When talking about dominancy, the one thing you have to understand is that an alpha isn't someone who will step on other people or try to control them to maintain his dominancy. He will naturally assume a dominant role and other people tend to follow him. When someone doesn't see eye-to-eye with him, he won't try to convince them to change their mind. This dominant attitude is also one of the main reasons why so many women tend to feel attracted to him.

Not needing approval from people

What makes an alpha male different is that he has no need to seek approval from others to feel better about himself. He isn't seeking validation from people around him, but at the same time has no superiority complex (a jerk has). He isn't looking at others on how to live his life - he makes his own rules and doesn't care if someone disagrees with that. He will however consider and value others' opinions but will not be guided by them.

Isn't comparing himself to others

Many guys have the need to compare themselves to other men. An alpha male however, has no need to do that. Not because he thinks he is better than others, but it doesn't even enter into his mind to compare and judge others based on their looks, beliefs, social status or ideas. Whenever an alpha meets a new woman, he won't put her on a pedestal and to him a very beautiful woman has no more value than an average looking one. To him, all people are of equal status.

Always confident

An alpha male is completely confident in his own skin and feels at home wherever he is. His unshakable confidence, that sets him apart from the average Joe, comes from himself and not from the surroundings, his social status or the people around him. He has no problem approaching a woman and his confidence won't even be shaken should he get rejected. The irony here is - the more confidence he has, the less he will get rejected.

A positive attitude and a good sense of humor

Humor plays a big role in attraction and an alpha male can make people around him laugh. The thing is however, he isn't trying to be the funniest guy around. The key to attracting women is having a positive attitude in life and knowing how to be self amusing. An alpha male can make fun of a moment because he finds it amusing and other people will react to it and be entertained as well.

Has no problem staying with the tension

A man who keeps his cool even in the hardest situations can be considered an alpha male. When others have problems staying with the tension, he stays relaxed and clear minded. He can adapt to any situation and stay totally confident and focused. This is especially important when meeting women, because women will test a man to see if he can stay relaxed.

Being authentic

Whatever an alpha male does he does it authentically. His actions and interactions reflect who he is. He has no need to use trickery or manipulation to make others think of him as someone who he isn't.

Certain in himself

Certainty is very important for a man who has to make important decisions. An alpha is very certain in himself and does not doubt his decisions. No one, except himself, can change his mind about the things he believes to be true. However, this doesn't mean he is hard-headed and denies when he is in the wrong. Whenever he is in the wrong, he has no problems admitting it to himself and other people.
So, these were some examples of the alpha male mentality.
When you are trying to become more alpha, don't take these examples as rules, but look at them more like guidelines in becoming a more fulfilling man. If you try and force yourself to act this way, you will only slow down your process.
You don't have to chase perfection to become an alpha male. An alpha male has no illusions about being perfect and neither thrives to become one. He just knows to play his strengths, minimize weaknesses and works on eliminating them and so should you.

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