12 Men Reveal Exactly What Made Them Masturbate Most Recently

 12 Men Reveal Exactly What Made Them Masturbate Most Recently 

1. “My girlfriend was in a rush to get out the door this morning, but she took a minute to stop and make the bed wearing nothing but these white lace thong panties that really showed off her ass. She was bending this way and that, boobs jiggling, doing her thing, and then she was gone. I jacked off in the shower minutes later fantasizing about fucking her from behind, doggy style.”

— Preston, 27

2. “I’m really sensitive to touch, so grazing hands with a total stranger can make me want to bang like crazy. The other day I went to get cash before checking out at Best Buy because the cashier was so damn hot and I wanted to stroke her hand as I paid for my new speakers instead of swiping my own credit card. On the back of a second’s worth of physical contact, I jerked it hard in the parking lot.”

— Jack, 23

3. “I saw these lesbians having a picnic in the park recently while I was jogging and they were so touchy-feely and flirtatious. It was the hottest thing I’d seen IRL in a long ass time. I’ve already yanked it three times picturing those two fighting over my cock.”

— Kal, 22

4. “My college girlfriend was the horniest woman I’ve ever known. Back then I didn’t realize how special she was—not that we would have made it as a couple. Anyway, my go-to masturbation ritual still involves her. All I have to do is remember the afternoon I got back to my dorm room to find her masturbating on my bed, wearing knee high socks and one of my dress shirts unbuttoned in the front and I’m good to go.”

— Marc, 31

5. “I was watching Ray Donovan on Showtime last night and there’s this scene where two feds swap wives and the couples fuck in the same room. It’s a short scene but it’s hot as hell. I played it ten times in a row while I whacked off.”

— Joey, 20

6. “My boss is extremely attractive. She’s also smart and she dresses well—not slutty or anything, but classy sexy. Yesterday we were stuck in a crowded elevator, practically pressed up against each other, and I could barely contain myself. A few hours later, back at home, the thought of her naked got me so hard. I came about 45 seconds after I grabbed my dick. Didn’t even have to reach for the lube.”

— Curtis, 26

7. “Nothing turns me on more than the sound of a woman moaning and groaning with pleasure during sex. The other day I was sitting across from this beautiful woman on the subway who was staring at her phone and something she read or saw suddenly shocked her. She took a deep breath and said ‘Oh…My..God…’ in exactly the way I’d want her to in bed. I went straight home and took care of myself.”

— Phil, 28

8. “My wife’s a sexual woman but she’d never sent me a close-up shot of her vagina until last week, when I was traveling for work. It was so damn sexy. I know every nook and cranny of her body by heart and that photo sent me deep into the dirty zone.”

— Roger, 30

9. “I’m such a sucker for Kim Kardashian and since it’s too risky to watch porn midday at work, I tend to check out KK’s Instagram feed at the office. Without fail, I end up masturbating in the office bathroom right after. It’s the only way to stay sane at a corporate job.”

— Jared, 29

10. “I’m the most hetero guy you’ve never met, but I get turned on by some weird stuff. I drove by this Calvin Klein billboard with a few ripped, shirtless dudes wearing boxers briefs the other day and I jerked off in the front seat of my car to it. I hope you wrote that shit down ‘cause I’m never telling that story again.”

— Al, 25

11. “Last week I was at the gym and this gorgeous woman was being stretched out by her personal trainer. I ran on the treadmill an extra fifteen minutes just to gawk at her. I swear she was putting on a show for me on purpose, the way she was moving like she knew I was watching. I’m a married man and everyone there knows it, so it’s not like I could try for the real thing, but it was pretty damn satisfying to tug it in the men’s locker room shower as I pictured her straddling me with those flexible fucking legs of hers. That was an explosive session.”

— Mitch, 34

12. “Foreplay is the most erotic thing to me. I only ever watch the first two minutes of any porno. So any situation that feels like it might lead to sex—like a massage—kickstarts my libido. Yesterday I treated myself to one of those ten minute rubdowns every nail salon offers. I masturbated right after. My very own happy ending at no additional charge.”

— Carlos, 27
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