The Beta Females

The  Beta Females 

The  Beta Females 

We’ve all heard of the alpha female and her ambitious way of life, but we have yet to hear about her right hand friend which is the beta female. She is the Marilyn Monroe of the group. A highly sophisticated woman with a girly girl side to her. The beta female is also considered an intellectual and is normally an outgoing introvert.

However, for some of us, there can be struggles that come with this little known status:

1. We’re seen as the underdog.

Since a beta female is more low-key and introverted than an alpha female, we’re usually seen as the underdog. Beta females are not as well-known as our counterparts, therefore we’re not as noticed. It leads people to believe that...

2. People think we’re weak.

Because we’re not highly ambitious, people tend to deem us as weaker women. It’s annoying to have to constantly justify our strength. Beta women may not be ambitious, but we are hard working and just because we aren’t demanding, doesn’t mean we won’t take a stand when the time comes.

3. People try to take advantage of us.

Beta females are seen as submissive in the sense that they are opened to new ideas, especially from those close to them. However, this leaves an open door to for people to take advantage of us. We have to learn how to set healthy boundaries in order to be taken seriously which can be a pain.

4. Dealing with intimidation.

Because we’re seen as weak and submissive, people we’ll try to intimidate us. But jokes on them because beta females stand their ground and won’t hesitate to politely dismiss that already failed attempt. So yeah, don’t even try it.

5. People believe we’re against feminism.

Beta females lean more on their feminine side (spending more time on makeup, preferring dresses over jeans, overstocking on high heels, etc). But because of this, there’s an annoying misconception that we’re completely against feminism. Yes, because being feminine means that you’re all for patriarchy. Note the polite sarcasm.

6. Being an old soul.

Beta females tend to also be old souls due to their old-fashion nature. We’re a little more traditional and we’ll channel classy women from past times, usually the 50s (Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, etc). This can be struggle because we may feel misplaced within our current time.

7. Maintaining moral standards.

While alpha females are spontaneous and free spirited, beta females are more down to earth and live life according to the virtues we set up for ourselves. We do this because it helps us to keep ourselves in order and stick to who we are. But there are times when we are tempted to go against our moral code and do something that we’ll regret later on.

8. Shopping.

Beta females love to shop which could be a bit of problem, specifically for our closets and wallets. But hey, can you blame us? We can’t leave that pink corset dress hanging. Plus, those white pumps go great with them. So yeah, its essential.

9. Self-esteem.

Some beta females may have trouble keeping their self-esteem at a healthy level. Confidence can sometimes be an obstacle because we stand in the shadow if the alpha female. Therefore, maintaining our self-esteem can take some time for us.

10. Having high standards in a partner.

Beta females tend to be a bit picky when it comes to romantic partners. Some of us find gentlemen attractive. We’ll expect doors to be open and dinners to be paid. This of course, can be difficult because dating has changed. But the upside is that beta females are open minded and will make compromises. Opening doors is still kind of a requirement though.

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