Facts About Donald Trump For President

 Facts About Donald Trump  For PresidentFacts About Donald Trump  For President

Donald Trump, one of the biggest names in the United States, is running for President and we have few facts about him. Although he hinted towards running for presidency for the last two elections, nothing was materialized until now. Running for the Republican Party candidacy, Trump is viewed by many as a novelty candidate. People have suggested that he’s a reality TV icon, but has no feasibility as a Presidential candidate. However, his supporters believe that his experience in business translates into wisdom that could mean success for the country. From the numerous reasons shared by his supporters, we will share the top 10 reasons why Donald Trump would make a great president.

10. He is not a Lawyer

Lawyers have been the top dog in United States politics for decades. They excel in the skills of arguing and convincing people but unfortunately they have also created a web of meaningless red tape and ineffective regulations, which have made it difficult to do business in the United States. Innocent people unknowingly commit crimes daily in many cases. Trump will be a straightforward leader and will be one of the only Presidents in history to inspire those under him to actually work toward progress.

9. He will prioritize money not control

For every politician, all it eventually comes down to is control. Unfortunately, the level of control in the United States is pitiful. It is only the land of free in spirit and not in practice. The accountability for this reality lies with the government, which has engraved its claws into the American people and is determined more and more to control their existence. Trump knows that spending is out of control and will control spending, rather than people.

8. He speaks his mind

Trump has gotten where he is by speaking his mind. He is neither not-a-lawyer nor a not-a-politician who make their living by lying to people with fake smiles. He is frank and honest and would be a breath of fresh air when in charge. A President who speaks openly will concern plenty of people, but leaders who pamper their people have been part of the problem for too long.

7. He won’t move slowly

The biggest leach on any government’s neck is moving slow. While government moving slowly can prevent many disasters, the speed at which the current government drags along is allowing problems to grow and cause more harm than good to citizens. Trump, with his problem solving and overall intelligence, will not allow inaction on his part or the part of those around him.

6. He won’t cuddle bureaucrats

Bureaucrats at every level are responsible for systematic problems throughout the United States, they forget that they work for the people. At the heart of every bloated bureaucracy are the officials who work in it. If anyone knows how to maximize efficiency from the top down, it is one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and business people.


5. Has the right foreign relation experience

Trump is a tough, ruthless businessman and would bring his negotiating skills and confidence to the table every time, telling other nations what the deal is, rather than bowing to agreements and ideas that would be detrimental to his nation. He’s been doing business internationally for decades and has remained successful so far. He has investments across the world worth a total of between seven and nine billion dollars. The man knows how to do business all over the globe and can succeed all over the globe in politics too.

4. He has sound military/security polices

Donald Trump has vowed to uphold military strength and promises to be tough on ISIS. Trump appears to be the candidate who not only sees ISIS as a threat but also admits that the last two major counter-insurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have been ineffective. He accepts that humanitarian and interventionist military efforts are nice on paper but can cause more problems than they solve. Crippling ISIS but leaving countries that are not direct threats alone is a sound and intelligent way to maximize military efficiency.

3. He has great ideas for education

One of the top 10 reasons why Donald Trump would make a great President was its stance towards the education sector. Education was a topic in his announcement speech that was briefly touched but his statements throughout his career speak for themselves. There is no reason American kids should be behind in comparison to those of any other nations. United States education system needs to be prioritized and Trump is the man to do it.

2. He actually knows how the economy works

Donald Trump knows how to make money and what does not make money. On a national scale and of course, the world over, Donald Trump is a man who has experienced failures and massive successes in the financial world. Trump has pledged that China is the biggest threat to the country and that one of the best ways to reboot the economy is to bring back the jobs they have stolen from the U.S.

1. He’s an actual leader (look at the alternatives)

Make no mistake here because Trump is a leader. Americans this time will have the opportunity to vote for some of the biggest and most notable liars and the relatives of former Presidents. The only Presidential candidate with two brain cells to rub together is Donald John Trump. Trump got where he is now through hard work, smart dealing and putting himself and his name on the line for years. In this race, you will see many people with empty words; people who are more talk than action, and a few leaders, who will act, innovate and solve problems.a
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