Beta Male Characteristics

Beta Male Characteristics 
Beta Male Characteristics
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Beta Male Characteristics 

Yes, some people are winners and some people are losers. There is no reason to mince words. Losers don’t just have “bad luck.” Losers are filthy and rotten to their core.

They have no purpose in life. They are short-term thinkers. They are haters and negative. They lack intensity and drive. They are parasites.

Losers pass the time and where as winners are so busy winning that they wish they had more time.
If you want to be a loser, follow these 7 highly effective habits.

Beta Male Characteristics  1 : Keep fucking around.

You know who you are. You’re the guy who sits around waiting for life to happen. You always have big plans that never come to fruition.

You see a pretty girl but you wait for her to give you “buying signs.”

In business, you don’t keep moving like you’re a shark. You show up and then eventually get blown out of your job.

Keep fucking around. Keep waiting for something to happen.

Good things are coming your way, I swear!

Beta Male Characteristics  2 : Ask for permission.

Losers do what they are told. If they are attracted to a woman, a loser will wait for permission before making a move.

If a loser has a serious medical problem like a low testosterone level, he will agonize and make excuses about how he can’t afford to get the treatment he needs. A loser will not seek alternative means of treatment.

A loser will never take a performance enhancing drug like Provigil. That might be dangerous! (Losers will, however, drink lots of alcohol, which is clinically proven to be a safe and effective drug that never destroys families, causes mental illness, or leads to an unsatisfying life.)

Keep asking for permission.

The people in charge have you best interest at heart. I swear!

Beta Male Characteristics  3 : Keep seeking validation.

The vast majority of people are losers. It therefore follows that to remain a loser, you should seek the validation of other losers.

After all, how empty would life be if you hung out with men who read books, think of new ideas, create businesses, drive fast cars, date beautiful women, and live life to the fullest?

It’s far better to hang out with people who spend hours watching television and talking sports stats from ESPN. Winners are douche bags, anyway!

Beta Male Characteristics  4 : Keep watching television (especially sports).

Television is nonsense and garbage. Studies have shown that a 20% cognitive decline occurs when a person watches television.

One study showed that reading the back of a cereal box required more neurological activity than watching “education” television shows on the History Network.

Reading books is hard work and can hurt your brain. Books also expose you to superior minds, and that might hurt your self-esteem. Or reading might wake you up to the fact that you’re a loser.

You keep watching television so you can have something to talk to other losers about.

Beta Male Characteristics  5 : Keep drinking.

Alcohol is pollution. It lowers your testosterone level and stresses your adrenal system.

It’s also an escape. You drink because you’re hiding from something.

What problem cannot be solved by hiding from it? None, right!?

Plus, who wants to have a restful night’s sleep? Why spend one of your weekend days working on your side hustle when you can lay around being hung over? Remember, as a loser you don’t wish you have more time.

You are passing time. Being hungover and sick and sleeping all day is a great way to help you escape yet another day of quiet desperation.

The best way to stay a loser is to crawl into a bottle of booze or wine and hide like a little boy afraid of the dark.

Drink up!

Beta Male Characteristics  6 : Keep dealing with negative friends and family members.

Since 95% of people never amount to anything, it stands to reason that your family and social circle will be filled with losers.

Even though you never asked to be born, and even though your parents created you out of a selfish desire to procreate, it’s wrong for you to not obey them and to make decisions that make them happy.

After all, it would be selfish of you to live for yourself, and being selfish is bad!

Beta Male Characteristics  7 : Obey conventional morality.

Politicians and preachers and teachers and other authority figures created a moral code for you to follow because they love and care for you. They want what’s best for you.

You should therefore follow whatever strict moral code your culture demands.

After all, the very people who created the moral code you abide by follow it, so morality cannot be based on an unreasonable understanding of human nature. No way!
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