The Alpha Male Makes More Money

The Alpha Male Makes More Money

Becoming an Alpha Male and increasing your income are directly related believe it or not, because when someone has a steady income it shows control over their life, and control over their life is exactly what makes an alpha male an alpha male. I know you are probably thinking that of course it is really easy to say that you need to make more money and a whole other thing to actually do it.

Look at the people you know who have money and look at the people you know that don't, many times its pretty easy to see the alpha male qualities in the person with more money and beta male characteristics in the person without it. The thing is, to start making decent money takes hard work dedication, and confidence, and belief in yourself, something you don't find in weak people. Making your own money is a way of becoming your own man, a way of letting people who see you know that you have it together, and that is the image you want to convey as the alpha male, HAVING IT ALL TOGETHER. Not only does making money let people know you are responsible, but it also gives you income to provide yourself with tools such as nicer clothes and a nicer place and car to show you can not only handle the responsibilities of life, but that you can conquer it.

Think of any way that you can get money to just increase your overall cash flow, of course I am not asking you to go out and wash dishes for minimum wage because you need something that is going to give you confidence when you are out in the world and for approaching women. Try doing something small like maybe buying and selling things on eBay, because a couple hundred dollars a month can be a huge deal. Think if you had an extra three hundred dollars at the end of each month, would you not have some nicer things and maybe some nicer clothes too? These things are going to help you in the long run for attracting women and becoming the alpha male. Don't think about how hard it is to make money, just find a way to do it because with the emphasis our society places on money these days you don't have snowballs chance in hell if you are broke as a joke.

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